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Bioheat® and Biodiesel - Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont

Bioheat® is the industry term for one of the most recent breakthroughs in heating oil options. It refers to pure, domestically produced biodiesel blended with conventional home heating oil, a minimum of 2%. Biodiesel can be one of many organic, biodegradable materials such as soybean oil or sesame oil. (When you use the term biodiesel, it indicates pure biodiesel that has not been mixed with conventional oil.)

Bioheat products are environmentally safe and renewable. They are entirely domestically produced, which supports our farmers and eliminates our dependence on foreign oil sources. Using this clean burning material, with the highest BTU content of any alternative fuel available today, actually conserves oil and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

For homeowners, there are a myriad of benefits. Not only do you receive the same level of heat that you're accustomed to with regular heating oil, but no modifications are required to your current tank or burner and no new equipment is necessary. The cost is approximately the same; thus, your heating oil budget need not change.

With these advancements in renewable energy products, Sandri is committed to providing our customers with alternative heating options in addition to our traditional home heating oil services. We are proud to offer B5 Bioheat in Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire, which consists of 95% standard heating oil mixed with 5% vegetable oil.

For more information on Sandri's Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire biodiesel services, please contact us today. You can rest assured that your heating needs are provided by an experienced name you can trust.



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