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Clean Fuels

Quality Fuels and Dependable Delivery

Sandri Home Comfort offers a wide range of clean, environmentally-friendly fuels, which means clean, efficient heat for your home, farm, or business. We have the fuel to meet your energy needs and happily deliver our quality products throughout Franklin and Hampshire Counties in MA, Windham County, VT and Cheshire County, NH.

Sandri Can Take Care of Your Propane Needs

Many homes and businesses choose to use propane as their primary energy source for so many reasons, and they choose Sandri as their Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire propane supplier because of our reputation for quality and service.

It is important for you to know the myriad of benefits to using propane in MA, NH and VT. First and foremost, propane is environmentally friendly, meeting all clean air standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It is non-toxic, insoluble in water, has minimal emissions, is both colorless and odorless, will not harm soil or water and does not spill or leave any type of residue. In addition, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has deemed it a safe way to produce heat, as it does not ignite when it meets the air.

The additional benefits of using propane include its efficiency and versatility. It can be used for a variety of residential and commercial applications from central heating, fireplaces, cooking and pool/spa heating. Though propane gas in MA, NH and VT works harder to do its job and burns hotter, it actually costs less to use. Almost all propane is produced in the U.S.; thus, it is always reliable. Best of all, you don't need to bother with large utility companies for your gas supply.

Sandri's energy technicians are well-trained professionals with experience servicing propane equipment in NH, MA and VT. We provide our customers with expert guidance and superior customer care with all your propane needs. For more information on our propane services, please contact us.

Truck and house

With or large fleet of delivery vehicles and multiple storage facilities, you're guaranteed the highest quality fuel whenever you need it.

Pellet hands

We have a steady supply of low-ash, earth friendly, premium grade wood pellets.

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