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In the unpredictable New England weather, a power failure can be anything from a mild inconvenience to a life threatening situation. Even oil heat needs electricity to start, and those with generators are confident in knowing their families were safe and warm during unseasonably cold weather.

Sandri’s number one priority is your safety and comfort. That is why we have added Kohler Generators to our line of trusted energy products. Since 1920, Kohler home generators have brought a sense of safety, security and convenience to homes. Generator power can bring light during a summer storm and heat if the power is lost during winter—peace of mind when you need it most. Kohler generations are even trusted by the National Weather Service to keep their remote stations operating during power outages.

There are Kohler home generators designed for homes large or small and whether you want whole house or partial backup power. You can choose models that run on liquid propane or natural gas. They provide reliable, safe power and come with the industry-leading Kohler warranty for life without interruption. There are generators available for every home and budget.


  • REMARKABLE POWER QUALITY - KOHLER home generators deliver industry-leading voltage and frequency regulation along with ultra-low levels of harmonic distortion for optimal power quality, protecting even the most sophisticated electronics.
  • EXTRAORDINARY RELIABILITY - KOHLER is known for extraordinary reliability and performance and backs that up with an industry-leading 5-year or 2000 hour warranty.
  • POWERFUL PERFORMANCE - Exclusive Powerboost technology provides power to easily start and run multiple central air conditioners without dropping power to other appliances.
  • EXCLUSIVE 100% CORROSION-PROOF ENCLOSURE - Unlike aluminum or steel enclosures, the bold new KOHLER design is completely corrosion-proof, even in harsh seaside environments.
  • FAST RESPONSE - KOHLER home generators restore power to your house considerably faster than competitive models.
  • QUIET OPERATION - KOHLER home generators provide quiet neighborhood-friendly performance. Now you will experience even quieter operation during the weekly variable-speed exercise with complete system diagnostics.
  • MORE SOPHISTICATED DIAGNOSTIC SELF-TEST - When used with the Model RRT transfer switch, KOHLER's ultra-quiet weekly diagnostic test adapts to variable conditions to ensure the unit is fully exercised and tested. Sophisticated fault codes on KOHLER's exclusive Residential Digital Control let you know where service may be needed.
  • AN INDUSTRY LEADER IN INNOVATION AND QUALITY - Named one of Green Builder's Hot 50 Products of 2010 and also rated the highest quality brand of home generators by 2009 & 2010 Builder Magazine independent brand study. Superior five-year limited warranty included.
  • DESIGNED FOR EASY INSTALLATION - KOHLER's easy-connection terminal block provides fast, flexible installations.


  • Compliance with NEMA, IEEE, and ANSI standards for temperature rise
  • Self-ventilated and drip-proof construction
  • Vacuum-impregnated windings with fungus-resistent epoxy varnish for dependability and long life.
  • Superior voltage waveform and minimum harmonic distortion from skewed alternator construction
  • Digital voltage regulator with ±1.5% no-load to full-load RMS regulation
  • Rotating-field alternator with static exciter for excellent load response
  • Skewed generator construction produces a smooth AC waveform


  • Natural gas or LP fueled
  • Electronic engine controls for optimized fuel and spark performance
  • Four stroke, two cylinder engine
  • An electric, isochronus governor for precise frequency regulation
  • High silicon content pistons for improved durability
  • KOHLER Command PRO OHV engine with hydraulic valve lifters for reliable performance without routine valve adjustment or lengthy break-in requirements
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