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Oil Furnaces

HIGH-EFFICIENCY AND AFFORDABLE - Massachusetts and New England

Although some people enjoy the cold, nobody likes being cold. In fact, your family’s health, well-being and quality of life are directly related to having a warm and comfortable home. At the same time, nobody wants to burn away the family fortune just to heat the house! Our home heating experts will help you find the best possible heating solution for your home. Below are some of our most popular brands of residential and light commercial oil furnaces that we install. However, we can easily order and install the heating system that best suits your needs regardless of the manufacturer.

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OH6 Series

Each Thermo Pride cabinet is powder coated inside and out after it is formed for a durable, tough finish that will ensure long life and a quality appearance. The interlocking insulated furniture grade steel cabinet helps retain heat within the furnace and prevents annoying vibrations during operation. The rounded corners add structural strength and a pleasing appearance to the cabinet. The heat exchanger is fabricated of 13-gauge copper coated steel in a unique octagonal shape to increase surface area and the heat transfer of the heat exchanger. The copper coating helps prevent corrosion from damp external conditions. This unique combination of design and material provides Thermo Pride oil furnace owners with the confidence that these furnaces are made to last a lifetime!

  • The OH6 is designed to fit nicely in your low ceiling basement since it is 11" shorter than a typical highboy furnace.
  • It features easier servicing due to improved heat exhanger cleanout locations, which also means a savings for you.
  • The OH6 utilizes the Thermo Pride 13-gauge copper coated Octatherm heat exchanger.


OH6 Series

Since founder Dale Bard patented his first oil furnace in 1934, Bard Manufacturing Company has earned an outstanding reputation for designing, manufacturing and servicing high quality heating and cooling products. The Bard oil furnace is backed by the same commitment to quality and performance that has made us the choice of a dedicated network of distributors and dealers for decades.

  • Heavy-Duty 12 and 14 Gauge Steel Heat Exchanger.
  • Quality Components Backed by a 5-Year Parts Warranty.
  • • High Performance Beckett AFG Burner System.


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