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Oil Tank Replacements


Invest in your home with Sandri Energy's TankSure® Program!

When you receive your annual Tune-Up, Sandri Energy conducts an ultrasonic inspection on your oil tank to determine the tank's overall integrity. As you may or may not know, oil tanks degrade from the inside out, so a tank that look perfectly fine on the outside may be wearing thin on the inside.

Sandri's exclusively trained service technicians inspect your heating oil tank both with a visual inspection and an ultrasonic test to gauge the internal thickness and safety of your tank. This EPS-approved testing method is used to ensure that your family stays safe and protected.

If your tank qualifies, which nearly 95% of all tanks do, you will benefit from the TankSure® Tank Replacement Payment hen Sandri determines your tanks is in need of replacement. We offer $1,0000 to help defer the cost of replacing your tank when it's determined you need a new one.

If your tank does not qualify, TankSure will still give you $200 to help with replacement costs for a new tank.


  • Homeowner insurance: Many brokers now offer discounts and incentives for home owners that participate in this program.
  • Environmentally-friendly: Protect your home, family, and environment by protecting against oil spill and leaks.
  • Peace of Mind: Know that your family is sage from heating oil spills and leads in and around your house and that the integrity of your tank is full intact.

To find out more about our Oil Tank Replacement services please contact us at 800-628-1900.