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Price Protection

At Sandri, we know that predicting your heating costs for the next winter can be tricky. No one knows what the winter will bring...will we have another warm winter next year? Will there be freezing temperatures and ice-storms all season long? Or will we have a little bit of both? Today’s energy markets are also extremely volatile. Our world has become increasingly interconnected and global issues can influence the price we pay for heating fuel here in New England.

All of these factors can significantly affect your heating costs. But with a Sandri price protection program, heating your home can be convenient and easy!

We are happy to offer you these 3 great choices price protection options:

Budget Plan With Price Cap - Most people spread payments for their mortgage, car, cable TV, and phone over monthly installments. So why not pay for your heating costs the same way? As part of our continuing effort to provide the best customer service in the area we can help you avoid large, unexpected payments in the winter months by managing your oil costs throughout the year with a budget plan. This program will keep your budget payments on track. There will be no need to adjust monthly payments up when market prices rise, because we put a "Cap" on your prices all year long. If our retail price per gallon is higher than the Cap price at any point your account is only billed Cap price. If our retail price is below the Cap then you are charged the lower of the two prices for your fuel delivery. This will allow us to give you a credit on your account at the end of the year if prices do fall throughout the season.

Fixed Price Prepay - With this program you choose how many gallons you would like to purchase at our special Prepay price. That price is locked in for those gallons and you won’t pay any more than that. If the market price goes up, your fixed price remains the same. If the market price goes down, your fixed price stays the same. You prepay the total amount for your gallons in one payment.

Prepay With Downside Protection - This program is the same as the Prepay Program, except it also has the added benefit of getting you a credit back if the market falls. This is a great way to anticipate your heating costs for next year by securing a fixed price, but will also avoid you second-guessing yourself should prices fall over the winter.

Home Heating Service Plan Coverage

Sandri Energy

Energy Efficiency Tune-Up Agreement

Premier Service Agreement

Total Comfort Agreement

Price of Agreement$144.50 + parts$235$295
TankSure® Oil Tank CoverageIncuded (in the cost of parts)IncludedIncluded
Annual Tune-UpIncludedInlcudedIncluded
Annual Combustion TestIncludedIncludedIncluded
Parts Discount*N/A50% (on covered parts) 15% (on non-covered parts, exluding installations)100% (on covered parts) 20% (on non-covered parts, excluding installations)
labor DiscountN/A15% (on all additional repairs, excluding installations)20% (on all adiitional repairs, excluding installations)
Equipment Replace Credit$100$250$500
24/7 Emergency ServiceAvailableAvailableAvailable
Multi-plan DiscountNot Included$10 Per Plan$15 Per Plan
Auto RenewalNot IncludedIncludedIncluded
PSA CoverageNot IncludedIncludedIncluded
TCA CoverageNot IncludedNot IncludedIncluded

Covered Parts List: Air filter (standard only), Air Scoop, Air vent, Blower Belt, Blower Pulley, Blower Wheel, Burner Nozzle, Cad Cell Eye, Circulator Gaskets, Clean Out Covers, Clean Out Covers, Clean Out Cover Gaskets, Draft Regulator, Draft Test, Drain Expansion Tank, Gauge Glass, Gauge Glass Washers, Ignition Buss Bras, Ignition Terminals, Low Water Cut-Off Gasket, Nozzle Line, Oil. Burner Pump Coupling, Oil Filter Cartridge, Oil Filter Gasket, Oil Pump Strainer, Safety Check.

Additional Service Plan Coverage

  • Priority Service
  • 15% Parts & Labor Discount (valid after tune-up is completed. Excludes installations.)
  • Annual Efficiency Tune-Up
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
    Oil Fired/Gas Fired Hot Water Heater$125.00
    Gas Furnace/Gas Boiler$195.00
    Pellet Boiler/Pellet FurnaceTime & Materials
    Pellet Stove$250.00
    Central Air Conditioning$195.00
    Heat Pump (one Annual Visit)$195.00
    Heat Pump (Two Annual Visits)$325.00
    Heat Recovery Ventilator$95.00
    Mini Split$180.00 ($80 for each additional head)
    Residential Duct Cleaning$595.00 ($25 for each additional register)

TankSure® Oil Tank Coverage

  • EPA Approved Testing Technology. Ultrasonic Equipment detects the level of corrosion inside oil tanks.
  • Qualifying tanks receive a $1000* tank replacement payment toward the cost of a replacement tank of system conversaion upon tank requiring replacement**
  • For Above Ground Non-Qualifying Tanks (tanks in need of immediate repair or replacement) & Underground tanks we will give you a $200* replacement credit to upgrade your oil tank.

*Must be installed by Sandri Energy. **Voluntary tank replacement is not covered under any circumstance.

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