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Analysis shows wood pellet fuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than half over fossil fuels.

The Northern Forest Center commissioned a study of the greenhouse gas impacts of heating buildings with state-of-the-art wood pellet boilers. The Spatial Informatics Group-Natural Assets Laboratory (SIG-NAL) used data specific to the region’s forest composition and harvest practices, and the pellet sourcing and manufacturing of 9 out of 10 Northern Forest pellet mills, all of which produce pellets exclusively for thermal (heat) generation.

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The announcement was made at the Sandri Energy, LLC headquarters and was attended by the Heads of the DOER and the MASS CEC. For more information on this story, visit:
Sandri has taken on the line of Tmber Ridge Wood and Pellet stoves from the American manufacturer England Stove Company out of Virginia. Click this link for more information on the products that we carry.
By RICHIE DAVIS Recorder Staff
Monday, January 28, 2013 
One of three special pelleet-delivery trucks Sandri co. bought to feed its growing commercial pellet-burning boiler installations.GREENFIELD — When the Sandri Companies won a $3.2 million federal stimulus grant as part of a push by Gov. Deval Patrick’s administration to encourage the renewable energy sector, it was touted not only as a way to get high-efficiency wood pellet boilers into use at Greenfield Community College, the Greenfield Fire Station and businesses around the region, but to give the third-generation petroleum-based business a foothold in an emerging alternative energy sector.

Check out this great article on automated pellet heating that features Sandri Energy.


Recorder Staff

GREENFIELD — Wood pellets and science can make mountains in the hands of the Eighth Grade Academy.
Teaming up with energy company Sandri Inc., the eighthgrade students are building threedimensional topographical maps of hills in Greenfield. Using wood pellets and supplies donated by Sandri, the students picked one of four local features to replicate.



By Jim Kinney, The Republican 


The Sandri Companies have their roots in fossil fuels with a fleet of fuel-oil trucks, a lubricant distributorship and gas stations from New Hampshire to upstate New York.


ABC NEWS40 Interviews Setti Warren at Sandri Headquarters


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Recorder Staff

GREENFIELD — Setti Warren, democratic candidate for U.S. senate, met with Sandri Companies executives to learn about the company’s ventures into the renewable resource market and see the energy provider’s newly installed solar array.


Local Energy Provider Plans to Use Ground Mounted System as Community Education and Sales Tool


In December of 2010, New England College commissioned a 1,000,000 BTU/h wood pellet boiler system on campus adjacent to the Science Building. The wood pellet boiler system was supplied by and the installation contracted through Sandri Energy of Greenfield, MA.  The wood pellet boiler working in conjunction with the solar hot water system provides 100% of the heat for the Science Building, replacing heat from the existing oil-fired boilers. 

For Immediate Release
October 25, 2010

Sandri Energy, LLC announced it has signed exclusive distribution agreements with two premier Spanish solar component manufacturers: Fluitecnik, Inc. (photovoltaic panels) and Ingeteam, Inc. (inverters). Sandri’s exclusive territory for both products is the Northeastern United States. In addition, Sandri will install a 50kW photovoltaic array at its headquarters in Greenfield, MA.

American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) as well as State Energy Program (SEP) funds make Sandri’s OkoFEN boilers a bargain for homeowners.

Timothy Van Epps is president of Sandri Cos., an 80-year-old fuel oil company that is on a multimillion-dollar mission to convert heating customers to a common and cheap renewable resource: wood pellets.  In March Sandri received $3.2 million in federal stimulus funds to help commercial and institutional clients in Western Massachusetts replace petroleum-based heating systems with boilers that burn wood pellets. The pellet boilers have efficiency rates that rival the best of natural gas and oil boilers but are cheaper to operate.


The 80-year-old Sandri Companies just got a little greener. Sandri has just expanded its renewable energy division, by purchasing a commercial pellet boiler business.  The local, family-owned company headquartered on Chapman Street has teamed up with New England Wood Pellets LLC of New Hampshire and New York to acquire a $3.2 million grant from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources and ended up buying a subsidiary of the company,


New England Wood Pellet LLC (NEWP) and The Sandri Companies today announced a formal strategic partnership between the two companies, as well as the acquisition by Sandri of NEWP’s commercial pellet boiler business, Propell Energy.  With manufacturing plants in New Hampshire and New York, NEWP is the largest manufacturer and distributor of wood pellet fuel in the northeastern United States. Sandri is a family-owned and operated fuel distributor headquartered in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

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