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Employee Recognition Program

Sandri’s Employee Recognition Program was started this year, as a way to acknowledge the commitment and dedication of our employees who go above and beyond every day, in each of our convenience store locations.

The program is structured in a way that gives our Store Managers an opportunity to nominate one of their employees for the “Sandri’s Best” Employee of the Quarter Award. The recipient of this Award must be an employee that embodies the core values and quality standards of The Sandri Companies, along with meeting all of “Sandri’s Best” program criteria, as follows:

  • Demonstrates a positive attitude towards their coworkers, superiors and customers
  • Goes above and beyond to serve every customer in a friendly and helpful way
  • Serves as a role model to others through their hard-work, honesty, and positive demeanor
  • Is able to keep their composure in high-stress situations
  • Inspires their peers with the desire and ability to work as a TEAM
  • Takes initiative to carry out additional duties beyond their basic job requirements
  • Proves they’re dependable and trustworthy by being punctual, presentable and prepared for each shift
  • Is considered a full, or part time, hourly employee of The Sandri Companies
  • Has held their position at the current participating location for a minimum of 90 days
  • Does not have any infractions in the workplace within the past 30 days, or have any disciplinary action pending at the time of nomination

EMPLOYEE OF THE QUARTER (2nd Quarter Winner)

Jean Vancor

Jean has been a part of the Sandri Team for almost four years. From running the register, to retailing, and even pumping gas for a little old lady once a week, she has shown excellent leadership skills and continues to set a positive standard through her willingness to lend a hand, and dedication to her job. Her Manager Angela LaDuc, runs two stores along Route 103 in both Rockingham and Chester, Vermont, and while Jean is technically an employee of #225 (Chester), Angela knows she can count on her to work either location, at any time, if needed. Thanks for always putting a smile on our faces, Jeannie! You're a shining example of what it means to be "Sandri's Best".


Greenfield, MA #118 Barry Jalpert
Greenfield, MA #120 Alex Patton
Lee, MA #127 Nick Marion
Northampton, MA #139 Shellie Szafranski
Orange, MA #172 Ashley Goodnow
Ascutney, VT #204 Jessica Picknell
Rockingham, VT #210 James Brown Gunderman
Chester, VT #225 Jean Vancor
Brattleboro, VT #230 Nicole Smith
Putney, VT #238 David Wright
Williston, VT #268 Ally Bessette
Rutland, VT #281 Josh Horvath
Rutland, VT #283 Mike Doaner
Keene, NH #311 Lucas Raymond
West Lebanon, NH #381 Mary Anderson

Special Thanks

We would like to extend a special thank you to our 2nd Quarter sponsor for Sandri's Employee Recognition Program, JUUL!

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