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NH Residents are Eligible for $6,000 off an OkoFEN Boiler from Sandri


New Hampshire residents are eligible for a $6,000 rebate on the purchase of a fully automated wood pellet boiler system.  American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) as well as State Energy Program (SEP) funds make Sandri’s OkoFEN boilers a bargain for homeowners.


The OkoFEN boilers provide clean, comfortable heat utilizing a sustainable, local fuel source.  No bags, no pallets, and no lifting are necessary for this system to deliver comfort to your home.  Our Sandri trucks simply make routine replenishments of pellets to the storage bin in your house to keep your boiler system functioning automatically, even while you’re away on a long vacation.


To take advantage of this huge cash savings, contact Jake Goodyear, Bob Latour or Maggie McNally at 413-772-2121.  These rebate funds are limited, so be sure to act today!  To begin your application for the rebate click here and contact our energy experts to help you along the way.


For more information on the OkoFEN boiler click here (hyperlink to PELLEMATIC PDF sent as attachment please).  To view a list of FAQ click here.

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