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Sandri Energy Expands Solar Business with Photovoltaic Market Exclusives


“Our partnerships with these leading solar industry suppliers is perfectly aligned with our capabilities, as well as our goals as an organization” said Tim Van Epps, President of Sandri. “We are proud to have exclusive territories with Fluitecnik and Ingeteam.”

Sandri has invested heavily in the renewable energy sector in the past 12 months with the acquisition of Propell Energy (commercial wood pellet heating systems and bulk pellet distribution) and Deerfield Valley Heating and Cooling (geothermal and solar installer). The Company was recently awarded a $3.2MM grant by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources to install numerous institutional, commercial and residential renewable energy systems.

“Sandri has been a leading energy company for nearly 80 years, and offering renewable energy products to our customers simply reflects our commitment to providing them with the best available solutions to meet their energy needs for today and tomorrow,” stated Jake Goodyear, Sandri’s Vice President of Renewable Energy.

Fluitecnik Vice President of North America Inigo Gonzalez said, “The successful introduction of Fluitecnik’s PV panels into the U.S. market will be heavily influenced by who our initial distribution partners are. Sandri’s experience and track record throughout New England makes them a solid fit for Fluitecnik’s overall strategy.”

Ingeteam CEO Aitor Sotes added, “With our new US-based manufacturing coming on-line in less than a year, we are rapidly growing our capabilities in this country. Sandri is a key distributor for Ingeteam, covering a geographic area with over 20% of the US population.”


About Sandri
Sandri ( is a family owned and operated full-service energy provider offering a variety of fuels and HVAC equipment to thousands of customers throughout the Northeast. Leveraging their vast knowledge and experience in energy related products and petroleum distribution, Sandri has recently added a renewable energy division offering solar hot water and geothermal installations, wood pellet fuel and heating systems, and photovoltaic installations as well as distribution of these products to professional installers throughout the Northeast.

About Fluitecnik
Fluitecnik ( is a manufacturer of high quality monocrystalline and polycrystalline photovoltaic panels ranging in size from 210 watts – 280 watts. All of our PV panels carry a 5 year manufacturing warranty and a 25 year power guarantee. Additionally, our PV panels are compliant with UL standards for both the U.S. and Canada and also carry certifications for California (CEC) and Florida (FSEC). Fluitecnik has been involved with renewable energy for almost 15 years and looks forward to growing its operations throughout North America.

About Ingeteam
Ingeteam ( designs and manufactures grid-connected and stand alone inverters for photovoltaics, as well as power and control electronics across numerous industries. The Company also has an operations and maintenance group for utility-scale wind and solar plants. With 3,500 employees and over 1 GW of inverters currently operating, Ingeteam is a global leader in the renewables industry. Headquartered in Spain, the company has begun construction of a 100,000-square-foot combined production facility and office complex in Wisconsin. Additionally, Ingeteam has offices in Santa Clara, Calif. and Mequon, WI.

About Sandri