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Sandri adds solar panels to products

GREENFIELD — Sandri Companies has just added solar panels and photovoltaic components to its growing list of alternative energy products.

The company has signed distribution agreements with two solar energy component- manufacturers in Spain: Fluitecnik Inc. and Ingeteam Inc. Fluitecnik produces photovoltaic (solarelectricity) panels and Ingeteam produces inverters, which convert the electrical output from direct to alternating current.

Sandri says it will be the only distributor for both products throughout the northeastern United States. Sandri will sell the products and provide installations within the local region; but the company will also sell the components to other installers throughout the Northeast, said Jake Goodyear, vice president of Sandri’s Renewable Energy Division.

“They are very high-quality products,” said Goodyear. “Both (companies) are leaders in the European market, and relatively new to the U.S. market.”

Goodyear added that Ingeteam is preparing to build a manufacturing center in Milwaukee, so that product may eventually be U.S.-made.

Besides selling the solar energy components, Sandri is installing a 50kilowatt photovoltaic array at its Greenfield headquarters. According to Goodyear, the ground-mount system will include 180 solar panels. It will meet roughly half of the electricity needs for Sandri’s Chapman Street headquarters, he said.

It is also tied to the grid, which means that surplus carbon-neutral energy will go into the utility grid.

“Our partnership with these leading solar industry suppliers is perfectly aligned with our capabilities, as well as our goals,” said Sandri President Tim Van Epps.

Among the company’s goals is to go beyond heating fuel and oil, to become a full-service energy provider.

Earlier this spring, Sandri acquired Propell Energy, a commercial woodpellet heating systems business which also distributes bulk-pellet fuel. In August, Sandri acquired Deerfield Valley Heating and Cooling, geothermal heat systems and solar.

Also, Sandri acquired a $3.2 million energy grant, from stimulus funds, to pay for high-efficiency, wood-fired boilers to be installed at Greenfield Community College, Stoneleigh-Burnham and Linden Hill schools and Happy Valley Organics in Whately. The grant includes plans for three solar heating systems at GCC and an energyefficiency upgrade. This week, the company announced that it will be a major distributor of BlueSky Diesel Exhaust Fluid. In partnership with Prime Lube, Inc., one of the largest distributors of lubricants and anti-freeze in the Mid-Atlantic region, Sandri will offer the mandated fuel supplement to its transportation and construction fleet customers throughout Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont and Eastern New York.

All new diesel-powered passenger and commercial vehicles are required to meet new, lower federal nitrous oxide emission standards. The fluid, used in conjunction with selective catalytic reduction technology, is the most effective and safest means by which commercial and private owner/operators can meet the required mandate. It is also mandated in Canada.

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