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Wood Pellets


Warm Front Premium Wood Pellets

Warm Front is a high quality premium grade pellet which is packaged in a clear bag in order to showcase the product to consumers. Manufactured by New England Wood Pellet, WarmFront is the same identical proprietary blend as their New England Wood Pellet brand. Click here to learn more about Warm Front pellets.

  • Heats Value = 7,800 - 8,200 BTUs/lb. at 3% moisture
  • Moisture Content = 3 to 5%
  • Ash Content = .0.4 - 0.7% (PFI Premium Standard <1,0%)
  • Density = >40 lb./cu ft.
Price: $264.99* Per Ton (40lb Bags)
Price: $274.99* Per Ton (20lb Bags)

*while available. Call for delivery pricing.

Bagged Pellet Delivery Fees
Distance from Sandri
(to your home)
Flat Fee
(one to four tons)
Up to 20 Miles $30
Up to 30 Miles


Over 30 miles? No problem! Please call for a quote.
Not sure how far?
Map distance here with


Pellet Stoves

Sandri now carries a full line of wood pellet stoves. Click here to view our pellet stove line.

Now Available! New 20 lb Bag

Introducing a new, convenient 20 lb. bag for our Warm Front Premium Wood Pellets.


20lb Bag Price: $274.99 per ton


Bulk Wood Pellet Delivery

Sandri offers bulk wood pellet delivery to your home or business. Contact Sandri for pricing or more information
or call 800-628-1900.

  • Sandri has four dedicated bulk delivery vehicles:
    – 2 bulk trailers; Pneumatic & auger offload; up to 30+ tons
    – 1 bulk trailer; Auger offload; up to 23 tons
    – 1 bulk truck; pneumatic & auger offload; 15+ ton capacity with certified scales for individual deliveries
  • All vehicles haul premium pellet fuel only
    – Do not use subcontracted grain haulers
  • Sandri owns and operates the bulk delivery vehicles
  • Pellets are procured from three local facilities (1-NH, 2–NY)
  • Largest fleet in the industry, serving accounts throughout the Northeast