Choose a Fuel Provider You Can Truly Count On

Last winter was a challenge for everyone in our community and across the Northeast. Record-breaking stretches of freezing temperatures left many homeowners and business owners without fuel because local energy providers simply couldn’t keep up. This happened to plenty of people in Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire – but not to Sandri customers.

We at Sandri were proud to step up and uphold our promise of reliable fuel delivery not just to our customers, but to those who were turned away by other companies when they needed fuel most. This year we plan to do the same.

Here When You Need Us Most

You can depend on Sandri to deliver your heating fuel safely and on schedule. We are pleased to help residents of MA, NH, and VT stay comfortable with reliable delivery of home heating oilpropanekerosene, and sustainable wood pellets.

“We ran out of fuel this past winter at a rental property of ours, causing the pipes to freeze and burst. My oil company said it would take over a week for them to deliver. I called Sandri and they were there within 12 hours so we could immediately replace the pipes. I was so impressed with Sandri’s service that I switched all of my accounts over to them. They did a great job and completed the work faster than any other company could!” – Christal C.

Your Local Full-Service Energy Experts

Don’t leave your family’s comfort to chance! When we say full-service energy, we mean it. Unlike other delivery-only or discount fuel providers, Sandri provides complete home comfort services. If you need an emergency oil delivery, a no-heat service visit on the weekend, or quick plumbing fix, you only have to dial one number.

Sandri Services Include…

Become a Sandri customer today to gain peace of mind all winter long. If you have questions or would like to place a heating fuel order, simply contact us here. We look forward to helping you stay safe and warm all season.

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