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Dripping Faucet Repair in Western Massachusetts

Does your bathroom, kitchen, or shower faucet drip after you turn the handle all the way back? Or worse—is your outdoor faucet dripping or leaking? When it comes to taking care of your pipes and plumbing, nothing is more annoying than a dripping faucet! Dripping faucets in your New England home or business could be costing more than you think and wasting more water than you could believe. Your home or business relies on dependable plumbing and piping (and faucets that come to a complete stop!) all year round to keep your family, customers, and wallet happy. At Sandri Energy, plumbing repair is just one of our specialties. And, we are here to help with your household plumbing repair solutions!


Repairs for Dripping Faucets in Western MA

If you’ve noticed a dripping or leaky faucet in your home or business, letting it go and letting it drip won’t only have a financial impact when you get your bill, but it also impacts the environment when water goes to waste like that, so don’t wait to repair it! You may be thinking a small drip is no big deal, but it really is. Did you know that a leaky faucet that drips water at the rate of one drip per second could be wasting more than 3,000 gallons per year? That’s right—and that comes out to about 180 showers. This much water wasted could be increasing your water bill by more than 10% each month.

  • “Rick was able to find the problem in an extremely short period of time and was able to repair it as well as service the unit in a short amount of time”

    Talon D.
  • “I switched to Sandri after years with another vendor. Very happy thus far.”

    Angelique B.
  • Thanks for all your assistance during this process. It was really appreciated and we are so happy with our new units. All the way around the service from Sandri has been excellent. The installers, billing department and your attention to detail and answ”

    Deb B.
  • “Tony serviced our furnace today and did a very thorough job. He was very pleasant and professional.”

    Bronze V.
  • “We have been very pleased with the installation and all the individuals involved. Paul Diduk and the installation team were very professional, on time with appointments, and explained in detail what was involved with the A/C installation. We would highly r”

    Henry G.

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Repair Your Leaking Faucet and Your Water Bill

If your last water bill surprised you at your water usage or was higher than expected, be sure to check all the faucets around your home or business for leaks and drips—and don’t forget your outdoor faucet. Dripping and leaky outdoor faucets can often go unnoticed, so be sure to take a look. If a dripping handle from your bathroom or shower is keeping you up at night, don’t lose another minute of sleep. Whether it’s a dripping faucet, a leaky faucet, if your shower or bathtub faucet is leaking, or if your kitchen faucet is leaking, don’t fret. We’re here to help with all your leaky and dripping faucet repair needs. Contact us today for dripping faucet repair—you won’t regret it when you see a reduction in your water bill!

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